Who are we?
Syntaxis is a software development company that develops business solutions customized for our clients. Our goal is to always create results and returns on your investment that you can measure, from increased revenues and new efficiencies derived from tracking project developments online, to results-oriented publicity campaigns and the creation of audited circulation lists for magazines.

We know successful software development must work in tandem with corporate changes that must be managed to realize opportunities afforded by such initiatives. However, software projects often provide a chance to improve business processes, to clean corporate data, and second-look existing legacy systems.

The first step involves taking the time with you to define the challenges and problems to be mitigated. Through the study of your current business practices and processes, as well as objectives, we develop a design that balances functionality, development time and cost. Syntaxis’ staff provides its customers with the option to have this first step completed in a formal and methodical research-intensive manner, which can include the development of a Request for Proposal. We also provide our customers with the option to choose an informal and cost-conscious approach toward developing a solution and product plan. It all depends on your requirements and expectations.

We implement our designs using a European-based software called 4th Dimension, as well as other software tools. (More information about this software is available at www.4d.com) .

Irrespective of the software tools we use to develop solutions, our people are communicators. We work with you and your project participants to meet targets deal with the unknown that always arise in large undertakings.

Finally, we provide ongoing support agreements to provide value and build on our history with your company as a business partner.

Background About the Software Core to Our Solutions
If your organization requires an online database application that offers a wide array of options, from tracking clients all the way to a multi-user client/server applications - supporting hundreds or even thousands of users as well as millions of records - Syntaxis has the expertise to meet your requirements.

Typically, many organizations' set of database requirements are so broad that one specific database application is rarely ideal in terms of meeting all of their specifications. And it's a given that most database applications are within the middle range of system requirements. For example, many applications can service multiple users, almost all database programs handle least thousands of records.

These types of requirements call for “middle-range applications,” and they are the types of solutions we provide through our expertise in 4th Dimension. (These are also the types of solutions afforded by MS Access and FileMaker Pro. ) All three of these products have been developed, in our view, to minimize the effort required to build a database.

Too often people who use databases, for contact management to accounting purposes, find that developers have minimize the development time they dedicate to a program at the expense of usefulness. At Syntaxis, we’re particularly mindful of the interface of a program that we produce specific to your requirements.

Database designers tend to focus on how "quickly" they can learn a database development system and customize a program for their clients. The speed of development for a database, as afforded by a program such as 4th Dimension, ensures cost savings for you. It also ensures the time needed to maintain and support the system is reduced.

When evaluating tools for designing databases, a rising number of organizations are seeing the value of evaluating all of the attributes of a database design system as well as the attributes of the resulting database applications. At Syntaxis, we have selected 4th Dimension as one of the most effective means of providing you with customized and affordable internet solutions.

Bill McCarvell

I have worked in the computer industry for the last 19 years, specializing in database development and design work related to the Internet for the last 9-10 years. I have also worked extensively in other areas such as technical support, sales, desktop publishing, and general consulting.

I have worked with companies as diverse as Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto), Marsh Canada, Stevenson & Hunt Insurance Brokers, Industrial Laboratories, Schenker Canada, Dasco Data Products, London Home Builders Association and Canadians Resident Abroad to name a few.

Fred Moody

Fred Moody is the President and founder of LQ Inc., a Toronto-based communications practice and publisher of Logistics Quarterly, (LQ™ magazine). He is also the founder of LQ Magazine's bi-annual Executive Exchange for executives and Ph.Ds from Canada and the United States. LQ's Symposium is an extension of LQ Magazine's 12-year tradition of offering ideas for leadership in logistics and supply chain management.

In addition to his tenure as a publisher and editor of LQ, Mr. Moody has served as an editor of other magazines under the auspices of his communications practice. His articles have been published in leading Canadian newspapers and business magazines.

On a pro bono basis, Mr. Moody has served as the president of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) Toronto Roundtable. (CSCMP is an international organization, dedicated to "leading the evolving Supply Chain Management profession by developing, advancing, and disseminating supply chain knowledge and research.") His 22-year tenure in communications also encompasses public relations work for provincial ministers and the Ontario Government.

He has received many awards of excellence in communications regarding the field of supply chain management.

Mr. Moody earned his BA from McGill University and a Graduate Communications Degree from Concordia University.

Mr. Moody is available as a communications associate. He is formerly a principal of Syntaxis On-Line Inc.


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